The center was founded in 1986 for training high-skilled sportsmen, regional and national ski teams (ski race, double-event, etc.) at height of 1780 m. The base is situated on the northeast hillside of Tiyahta peak (1906 m) in relict cedar wood. The Tiyahta peak is the top of Seminsky notch (1700 ). Seminsky notch is one of holy places of Altai people (which totals 60 thousand), all life and history being connected with it. In all time zaisans (fathers) gathered there and took important decisions. During the bloody war with ancient Chinese it's right there that the decision of joining Gorny Altai and Russia was taken. The stele on the top of the notch tells about it.
Being one of the most beautiful places of Gorny Altai, Seminsky notch is situated on the fault of rock. Crystal air, clink quiet and unknown yet forces of the Earth help Altai people to save and enrich its culture and traditions. These forces also help sportsmen who come here to rehabilitate and heighten their sport skills. Many great sportsmen used to train here (and still do): Alexandre Karelin, Sergey Chepikov, Sergey Tarasov, Anfissa Reztsova, Elena Vyalbe, Julia Chepalova, Galina Kuklina, Dmitry Nikiforov, Alexandre Nosorulin, Olga Romasko, Sergey Klevchenya. Seninsky notch is the entry to and exit from Ongudaisk region of Altai Republic - the native land of many Altai families, where traditions and mode of life, numerous historical monuments, cult places of Altai people, unstudied barrows of last epoch are preserved. Many people able to predict and cure live here. A snowman was recently seen in these places. You can know, see and feel all this if you come to Seminsky notch, to the TC (training center).
Having lived here two-three weeks, you can get rid of asthma, respiratory diseases - dry, humid air (25-60%) enriched with cedar fitocids will help you. Firm snow cover from 20, October to 20, April. Mild winter facilitates your rest (average temperature is 10, the coldest month January, it freezes about 30 two or three days a month. Rather cool summer - +15 +22.
You can take one day of horse ride and visit the lake, the top of the notch, Sarlik mountain, take Chingis-khan roads. Or you may take a two-days trip by bus to the Katun and Ilgumen rivers confluence and see barrows and ancient monuments. Night at the place of confluence, lecture on Altai history and culture. One-day car excursion to Karakol valley, including visiting ancient people barrows, museum of ethnography, cult places and places where snowman was seen. It is possible to go to Uimon valley, populated by old religionists and visit Rerich museum.