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Seminsky notch
Seminsky notch
Seminsky notch
Address: TC "Seminsky pereval" 659740, Ongudai settlement, Altai Republic
Tel.: +7 913-998-3538
+7 903-956-7418
+7 903-956-7893
+7 913-998-4057

Location: 583 km of Chuisk road. TC "Seminsky pereval" is situated at height of 1780 m, in cedar wood.

Rest of the winter and summer
The center was founded in 1986 for training high-skilled sportsmen, regional and national ski teams (ski race, double-event, etc.) at height of 1780 m. The base is situated on the northeast hillside of Tiyahta peak (1906 m) in relict cedar wood. The Tiyahta peak is the top of Seminsky notch (1700 м).
Seminsky notch is one of holy places of Altai people (which totals 60 thousand), all life and history being connected with it. In all time zaisans (fathers) gathered there and took important decisions. During the bloody war with ancient Chinese it's right there that the decision of joining Gorny Altai and Russia was taken. The stele on the top of the notch tells about it. More...

Memorial stele on Chuysky road
Ski rollers tracks
Open spaces of Altay
Seminsky notch
Sparkling snow

Services: The base consists of 9 comfortable cottages and three-storeyed hotel. The center can accommodate 200 visitors. Ski and ski rollers tracks, gym, sauna, two mountain ski lifts (length 700m, overfall 140m and 1040m – 205m), ski for rent, horse rides.

Prices of season 2011-2012:
Accommodation at the base - 260-840 rub/night
Meals - from 400 rubles
Sport complex - 100 rubles per hour
Sauna - 140 rubles per hour

Open spaces of the Altay mountains
CyclamensSeasonality - Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Discounts to children  to 8 years - 50%, from 8 to 14 years - 25%

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